After trying every other garage recommended to us around the denver-metro over the years, we've finally found someone to work on our Hondas and Toyota Corolla. T is a good mechanic that doesn't try to sell you anything that you don't need. He's at the back of this little hidden industrial strip off of Marshall and is a little hard to find but worth the search. This is a one man operation so you might have to leave a message but I like that better than the garages I've been to that you have no clue who is working on your car this time. Is it a kid without a clue? A parts-swapping-'til-I get-it-fixed kind of mechanic? Or is it the same good mechanic you had the last time. Honest and a nice guy to boot. thanks T..
-Doug Y., Arvada
Definitely a good Honda repair place.   Works good for me because I work close by. Gave very competitive estimate on phone, and I did not get that call 2 hours after leaving my '98 CRV there for a timing belt replace saying other things needed doing (even though I suspect they do). Job done on time, in budget and without hassle.
Will absolutely go back and recommend. 
Thanks T!
-Paul M, Arvada
I've been thinking about getting a new car, but it will have to be a Honda or Acura as I am not willing to give up my mechanic.......Thanks T!
Maureen Wildy
2000 Acura Integra Owner